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Building Blocks for Positive Parenting: Special Play Time

Use labeled praise to show your child you
approve of what they are doing. Instead of
“great job” try “you are sharing your toys so
well – great job!” The more you praise the more
positive behaviors you will see from your child
AND it grows their self esteem!

Teaching your
toddler to share

Toddlers have difficulty sharing and tend
to play next to other children instead of
with them. It takes time and practice to
help your child learn to share. Try these tips
to help them succeed in sharing. Remember
it is typical for children to learn to share
around age 4 or 5.

Turtle Breaths

The “turtle technique” is a method for calming down when you feel angry, frustrated or upset. It has been found to be effective for both children and adults.

Effective Time-Out

For times when children’s aggressive ordestructive behavior cannot be ignored.

Never Tell Your Child No

It’s okay to tell your child that certain behaviors are unacceptable. Avoiding using harsh or aggressive tone when using the word no. It’s about establishing limitations, not scolding your child.


Learn to Praise, Reflect, Imitate, Describe, and Enjoy time with your kids!

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